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Say goodbye to ageing lines and wrinkles!

It is a fact of life that as we become older, we lose the youthful skin complexion that we once had. Instead of smooth radiant skin, lines and wrinkles start to appear. Whilst there are things that we can do to delay and minimise this, such as making sure we hydrate well, eventually lines and wrinkles appear and get progressively worse.

In addition to being a family and cosmetic dental practice, Ice Dental and Implant Centre also offers a selection of the latest facial aesthetics treatments to help you have smoother, younger looking skin.

Although the results of these treatments are not permanent, they do last for quite a long time and you can either have them on an ongoing basis to maintain appearance, or for a one-off event such as a wedding. Our experienced facial aesthetics team will be happy to discuss all of the options with you.

Anti-wrinkle treatments

These treatments are administered in the form of an injection just beneath the skin in the area selected for improvement. The serum starts to work by blocking signals from the nerves to the muscles which makes the wrinkles relax and start to soften, greatly reducing the appearance of wrinkles on your skin.

This treatment can be used for a number of problems including:

  • Frown lines
  • Forehead lines
  • Crow’s feet

If you are concerned about Botox because you have seen celebrities with unfortunate results, please don’t be. Our team is highly trained and reserves the right to refuse any inappropriate treatment which may adversely affect your appearance.

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers are also injected just beneath the skin and as with anti-wrinkle treatment; this is designed to be as pain-free as possible. There may be some very minor localised bruising but this will go away within a day or so.

Dermal fillers act by helping to replace the natural collagen which provides the elasticity and ‘plumpness’ of our skin, but which reduces in quantity as we grow older. This can have the effect of causing our facial muscles to sag and some areas to thin.

Fillers can be used to help with a range of issues such as:

  • Deep lines and wrinkles
  • Nose to mouth lines
  • Volumising of the lips and cheeks

Rather than trying to make a decision about which treatment you need in advance, why not arrange a consultation with our experienced facial aesthetics team who will be delighted to offer advice tailored to your specific needs.

Please call our team today on 01909 590143 590143 to start your short journey to smoother, younger-looking skin.

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