Dental Imaging Referral Centre

We have invested in a CBCT 3D scanner and we are happy to accept referrals from GDPs for patients requiring this service.

  • A dental cone-beam (CBCT) scanner is a compact, faster and safer version of the regular CT scanner. Utilising a cone-shaped x-ray beam, we can greatly reduce, radiation dosage and time needed for scanning.
  • A dental CBCT scan produces 3D, cross-sectional images of the jaws and teeth, providing detailed information not obtainable from more conventional x-ray equipment. This is particularly useful if your patient is being considered for dental implants or other special procedures.

What we offer

  • CBCT Scan
  • Digital Cephalometric
  • Digital Orthopantomagraph
  • Patients seen within 48 hours.
  • Latest CBCT scanning technology with the lowest possible radiation dose.
  • CD of images given to patient same day unless an alternative is required.
  • No requirement for you to take payment.
  • Single tooth imaging possible.
  • Scans taken by trained radiographer.
  • Fully CQC compliant.

Dental Imaging Price List

  • Digital Orthopantomagraph £52
  • Digital Cephalometric £52
  • Single Tooth (endo) CBCT Scan £70
  • 1-3 Teeth CBCT Scan £170
  • Single Arch CBCT Scan £220
  • Both Arches CBCT Scan £335
  • CBCT Scan Report £95

Our referral charter

Our aim is to ensure that both the referred patient and you, the referring dentist, are delighted with the quality of our clinical expertise and the level of care and attention they receive from us.

We will ensure that a successful referral to ice dental will enhance your patient's trust in you as their dentist and they will be grateful to you for referring them to us for specialist treatment.

Refer patient for CBCT referral